District News


Important News:

Camp Brethren Heights will have an opening for part-time Camp Director. We plan to overlap with current Director Randall Westfall, who will be leaving in August. For more information about Camp please visit our website https://www.campbrethrenheightsmi.org/. If you are interested in the position, please contact Camp Board Chair Jack Durnbaugh at durnbaugh.family@yahoo.com by April 15, 2023.

Disaster Response Call to Put Faith Into Action
Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Michigan District! 
Bob Schnepp, our Michigan District COB Disaster Coordinator has committed Michigan to supplying a half team (7 ) of volunteers to work on a rebuild project in Dawson Springs, Kentucky April 10-15, 2023.
Dawson Springs experienced a devastating tornado just over a year ago.   We are looking for both skilled and unskilled workers (who would be willing to assist and learn) to help round-out this team.  Those interested would need to travel to Kentucky on Monday, April 10 and arrive early evening for an orientation–this is the day after Easter. The rebuilding would take place on April 11-15.  Michigan will be joining forces with another group of 6-7 volunteers from another COB district. 
If you are interested in joining our Michigan team , please contact Bob Schnepp or Wendy Russell.  I am also including a link to the COB Disaster Ministry Rebuild program if you want to learn more about the program.  It also has links to volunteer forms that will need to be filled out ahead of time.  Please consider joining us on this very important service opportunity!
With Peace and Love,
Wendy Russell
(Michigan District COB Leadership Team Chair)
Wendy Russell   (313) 378-7420      jwruss@gmail.com
Bob Schnepp   (517) 721-1322     cschnepp@hotmail.com