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10/1/13 –

Good day everyone! First off, thank you everyone for voicing concerns over the cancellation of the Fall Rally. With those put together, there have been rules set in place to see it that a Rally is never cancelled again. November 3rd is coming around fast, and we’ve been slowly bugging your ears about National Junior High Sunday. This day serves two goals. The first goal is the traditional one. We’d like you to involve your middle school youth in the service that day. Each of them have been blessed with gifts, and we hope that you will celebrate them that morning. Secondly, we invite you to join us from 3-8 p.m. that day at New Haven C.o.B. for a time of fun, a Q&A session for us, a sharing of our vision and mission for you, and most importantly for worship. We will also be building a base of volunteers. I’ll have more info about that out soon, and how to go about signing up to volunteer. For now, if interested, simply inquire at MichiganCOBYouthMS@gmail.com. Thank you, and God bless!

9/20/13 –

Hey everyone! The Fall Rally is a month away, and we’d like to see the masses pile in. Right now our total registered is 1, so please send in those registrations! Also, mark November 3rd, National Junior High Sunday, on your calendars! National Junior High Sunday is a Sunday meant for your congregation to celebrate the gifts and talents by making them a strong presence in your morning service. It could be a song, a devotion, a skit, whatever. Just get em involved! There are resources available here, and linked below from Brethren.org. Then join us later that Sunday from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. at New Haven C.o.B. for family games, and a time for Q&A as well as a short presentation on what we are about, what we are seeking for the ministry and ways you can be involved. In short, it’s a time for us all to come to know each other better. It’s a first time, so come make it a success!

Brethren.org links

8/27/13 –

Here it is everyone!!! The Fall Rally is getting rolling, and we’d love to have EVERYONE there (okay, so if you’re in Middle School) There is still much planning to be done, but you can come to expect some of the same amazing things as in the past. Of course, we do hope to bring surprise after surprise as well. To get registered, grab the Med Release, and get the flier for the event click the link below. Then click the linked text for any of your needs. As always if you have questions feel free to call, find us on Facebook, and/or email us @ MichiganCOBYouthMS@gmail.com. Do note that the med release downloads as a zip file containing two documents. You don’t print the pages separately, just print one page on the front of your printer paper, then do the second page on the backside. Thank you all!


8/16/13 –

Attention Youth Advisers! Please fill out the Youth Adviser Contact Info Form. It’s pretty painless, and will aid us both in getting information out to you and your youth. It will also aid you in being able to reach us. Thank you, and be on the look out for information on the upcoming Fall Rally at Skyridge C.o.B.

7/26/13 –

Oh what how the time passes when you’re not updating the stuff you should be updating. Our apologies for that. A lot has happened since our last update, and we’ll be trying fill you in right up until we see you at this year’s District Conference (which we are all excited about!) We’ll be getting report up here shortly, along with news of the upcoming Fall Rally. In the mean time feel free to take in pictures of Bobcat Camp here! Also, feel free to catch videos from the Winter Rally on Youtube page! Steve now has his own Twitter. We’re sure he’s still figuring out why, but follow him on it nonetheless. He’ll be updating youth stuff there, and posting awesome videos, articles, etc. about bacon. Okay, come on now, it’s bacon – It’s totally worth it.

Keep tabs with us as the next month unfolds!